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Q: Do I need to commit to service for an entire season or can I hire you for a short term?

A: No, there is no commitment.  If you try it for a couple weeks and decide not to continue simply pay the outstanding balance for services rendered.  There is no penalty for discontinuing our service.

Q: Do I need to be home when you provide the service?

A: No.  There is no need for the homeowners to be present at the time of service.

Q: Can you provide references so I know I will be getting reputable service?

A: Yes.  Simply request to speak with one of our many satisfied customers and we will be happy to provide you their contact information.

Q: Do we need to meet in person in order to set up service?

A: No.  We are happy to come meet you to provide a quote, however we can send you a quote and sign you up for service over the phone or email.

Q: Am I liable for any injuries sustained by your staff while performing service on my property?

A: No. All of our staff are insured under Nova-Scotia’s Workers Compensation Board which means that any injuries sustained are no risk to property owners.  In addition, our staff are trained in the safe operation of equipment and tools.

Q: Am I responsible for any damage caused to my property by your service?

A: No.  In the unlikely event that our equipment or staff cause any damage to your property we carry liability insurance of $1.5 Million therefore you will never be liable for any damage.

Q: How often will my lawn get mowed during the year?

A: We typically mow every 6-10 days depending on the growth rate and weather conditions.

Q: Do you work weekends as well as weekdays?

A: We typically try to work on weekdays however due to rain days we often need to reschedule work to weekends.  If you wish not to have service scheduled on weekends please advise us.  
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